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A Black woman said she found maggots in her jerk chicken at a Caribbean restaurant in Florida recently.

Keondra White was sick after eating a plate of food at the Caribbean Sunrise Restaurant and Bakery, Action News Jax, a local news source, reported Thursday (June 14). White posted a video that showed the live maggots in her dish.

“It was just pure disgust, something you can’t fathom seeing that,” White said.

Of course, the restaurant was none too pleased to hear about White’s complaint. The owner of the Caribbean Sunrise restaurant claimed that the food was “safe,” disputing the woman’s story and blaming the issue on her.

“I have no idea what the customer did (with) the food,” Denise Daley, the restaurant’s owner, said to Action News Jax, “but once the food leaves here, we have no control over what happens to it.”

Daley, who vehemently denied any wrongdoing, said the jerk chicken is cooked in an oven, smoked on a grill and stored in a hot box. The chicken is later heated in a microwave before it goes to customer, she added.

The restaurant, however, has a questionable history when it comes to food safety. Health inspectors found flies in the restaurant’s kitchen and dining area on Friday (June 15), Action News Jax reported. Food does not have to be sitting out for long periods of time for flies to be attracted to it and lay eggs, a nutrition professor told the outlet.

Additionally, the restaurant had received a violation for not putting food, including beef and chicken, in a cold storage area. With the recent violations, it looks as if White has done a good service in sharing her story so other customers know what they may have to deal with at Caribbean Sunrise restaurant.


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