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While traveling across the country for her Becoming book tour, former first lady Michelle Obama has been leaving a trail of inspiration in every city that she’s visited. During a recent stop in Detroit, a group of Black students from Wayne State University were in for a surprise when Obama gave them an unexpected visit, the Detroit Free Press reported.

With every tour stop for her best-selling book, Obama has made the effort to go beyond the Q&A sessions about her memoir and interact with individuals in local communities. A group of young Black men from Wayne State was invited by her Reach Higher initiative to have an intimate discussion with her brother Craig Robinson and actor Keegan-Michael Key about the importance of education at the Motown Museum. Unbeknownst to them, Obama would be joining the conversation too.

Before her appearance at Little Caesars Arena, she stopped by the museum to surprise the students and was greeted with applause. The students then candidly shared personal experiences about finding their place as Black men in predominately white spaces. One student shared the struggle of having to continuously justify who he was.

“Trust me. It will continue beyond college, no matter where we go. There were people who thought that Barack couldn’t be a good president. There were people who questioned whether I would be a good first lady. My brother gets questioned all the time about whether he’s qualified or able, and we all face those things,” she said, according to the news outlet. “That doesn’t go away. But you have to practice knowing who you are and focus on just doing the work day by day. That’s really all you can do.” She encouraged all of the young men to push forward and continue to reach new heights of success.

Obama is reaching new heights of her own. According to Forbes, she has now sold 3 million copies of her book since it was released in November.


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