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After Charles Toney was brutally assaulted by Detective Blake Kilpatrick while he was in handcuffs, he was charged with assault, resisting arrest and tampering with evidence. Thankfully, the charges against the Chattanooga, Tennessee man have been dropped .

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The Associated Press reports, “News outlets report prosecutor Alan Dunn announced Tuesday the state’s decision to drop charges of assault, resisting arrest and tampering with evidence against 25-year-old Charles Toney.” However, he still faces charges for an outstanding warrant.

On Dec. 3, Detective Blake Kilpatrick and other officers reportedly spotted Toney outside of a home in Chattanooga. Toney had a warrant out for his arrest on drugs and weapons-related charges.

Toney was arrested and the violent arrest was caught on video. He was savagely beaten, suffered a collapsed lung, broken nose, ribs and finger.

Video was recorded, see the graphic video below.

Toney is being represented by S. Lee Merritt, who told WRCB, “Mr. Toney suffered a collapsed lung. He suffered a broken nose. He suffered two broken ribs. He was seriously injured in this assault.” He also said, about the detective, “If everything checks out, his past and present should be brought to bare, then this officer should face punishment for his actions.”

WRCB also reports, “Kilpatrick is one of six officers named in a $40-million lawsuit filed by the family of Christopher Sexton, a man who was shot and killed by officers after a chase in 2017.”

No word on if Kilpatrick will be terminated or even arrested, but earlier this week the police tried to blame Toney for being assaulted and claimed his injuries were “within normal limits.”

A broken nose and ribs and a punctured lung is nowhere near normal.


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