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Anybody that knows me knows that I’m totally in favor of arming all the Blacks, but in my mind, we might need those weapons to make our Grand Escape. Imagine if Moses and the Israelites had all had AKs. It’d have been like:

“Pharaoh, you REALLY need to let my people go!”

But one thing I cannot get behind is random acts of foolishness by Black people with guns. When we turn them on each other, for real at least, it’s like we’re shooting down family members that we’re eventually, ultimately gonna need.

And I know that Gilbert Arenas was clowning because I know his character without actually knowing the man. The boy’s a fool. He wears the number ‘0’ because that’s how many minutes his high school friends predicted that he’d get in playing time when he decided to attend the University of Arizona. Rescued and raised by his single father after his mother went off the drug deep end, it’s easy to imagine that Gilbert is and has been working with some issues that—despite the fact that we all have issues—were probably heavier than the average man’s share. Then this NBA season starts, Gilbert’s really, finally, ready to play a complete season after coming back for a career threatening injury in 2007 and the first news we hear about the guy is that Shaq is shagging his fiancé.

Now, fess up fellahs, Shaq on top of your lady is not the image that anybody wants. And you gotta go out nightly and play basketball with everybody (friend and foe) knowing that?

I don’t want anybody to think that I wrote this blog to solicit charitable contributions to the Gilbert Arenas Defense Fund, but I’m also troubled by the major media making it seem as if the guy choked his coach or punched a fan or got somebody paralyzed in a strip club shooting or something. By pulling guns on each other in a locker room, even though they were only playing—well, Gilbert was playing, Javaris Crittenton might have been dead-ass— was stupid; but just that. Of course, Gilbert being Gilbert, he compounded his stupidity by drawing mock, finger pistols on his teammates during a team huddle. This earned him an indefinite suspension from the league.

But as far as Gilbert Arenas being made out to be such a major criminal; to borrow from Ed Lover, C’mon Son! Gilbert’s ‘crime’, if we even wanna consider it a crime, was, like the man himself, just not that serious.

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