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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Begins In Kenosha, WI

Dominick Black looks at a group photograph including himself, Kyle Rittenhouse and others, held by Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger during Rittenhouse’s trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 2, 2021, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. | Source: Pool / Getty

Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha killer-turned-white-right-hero and the poster child for white privilege, was acquitted of fatally shooting two people and injuring a third with a rifle he wasn’t old enough to carry legally—or at least that’s what we all thought.

As the Associated Press put it, “Judge Bruce Schroeder agreed to throw out one of the charges against Rittenhouse—that he unlawfully possessed a firearm as a minor,” because “the defense convinced Schroeder that an exception in the law allows 17-year-olds to possess rifles and shotguns, or at least left the law too vague to be enforceable.”

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Now, if we’re being real, it probably didn’t take much to convince Schroeder to toss the charge seeing as he spent Rittenhouse’s entire trial acting like he’d rather tuck the teen in at night and read him a bedtime story than see him convicted of murder. But Shroeder’s decision to dismiss the gun charge will likely be the reason Dominick Black, the then-18-year-old who was charged with providing Rittenhouse with the rifle he used in the first place, will get of with a slap on the wrist because when it comes to this case in particular, the power of whiteness is much stronger than the rule of law. (Of course, when isn’t it?)

Black was charged in November 2020 with two counts of delivering a dangerous weapon to a minor, resulting in death. But because Shroeder’s ruling on the weapons’ charge for Rittenhouse pretty much muddied the waters on whether Black’s charges even make sense anymore, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger filed a proposed plea agreement Friday that would simply require Black to plead no contest and pay a $2,000 fine, and then the felony counts would be dismissed.

So now the ball is back in Shroeder’s court and on Monday, he is expected to decide whether to accept the plea deal, reject it or dismiss the felony counts against Black outright “based on his ruling about the minors-with-firearms law in the Rittenhouse case,” AP reported.

It’s hard to imagine Black’s case ending any other way than with another white man walking away without being held accountable for bearing responsibility for the deaths of others.


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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Begins In Kenosha, WI
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