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American film star Al Jolson (1886 – 1950) wearing his famous ‘black-and-white minstrel’ make-up. | Source: Hulton Archive / Getty

I don’t even get upset anymore when I see white people wearing blackface for Halloween because I know in most cases, the racism is the point—and we already know a lot of white people are racist. A racist white person in a racist costume is redundant. It’s like putting Tucker Carlson in a KKK robe. It’s like putting a bad wig on Candace Owens. It’s like Rudi Giuliani dressing up as the Penguin. It’s like Donald Trump wearing a pumpkin mask. 

We get it—you decided to be you for Halloween.

Somewhere in Utah, a group of racist Caucasians decided to dress up as racist Caucasians, with three white men wearing blackface apparently to pose as Black prison inmates while a white woman appears to be dressed as a prison guard.

In the video, you can hear someone trying to talk sense to the group of self-cosplaying white supremacists.

“You guys are not going to get into college—you guys are not going to get any scholarships—because this is a hate crime,” a woman can be heard saying.

One of the anti-Black white people in a clever anti-Black white person costume laughed it off saying, “We all dropped out of high school, so it’s OK,” to which the woman responded, “I still don’t think it’s appropriate for you guys to be doing this…It’s really not funny.”

Yeah, there’s really no point in trying to reason with white people who decide to wear blackface despite the fact that every single year on Halloween, white people get dragged for thinking blackface is appropriate for their costume. So, if they’re still doing it knowing they’ll be perceived as racist—then it’s clear they’re just racist, and you can’t really shame a racist for being racist. 

Of course, that won’t stop the fine folks on Twitter from trying.

Apparently, if one was trying to identify this group of bigots in bigot-wear, Googling “Utah Blackface” isn’t the way because it’s basically like Goggling “water fish.”

But, again, at this point, Hallo-racists are just pathetic and boring. I’m over it.


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