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There is a good article in VetVoice written by Jim Staro, a Vietnam veteran who compares the modern militia movement and anti-government right wing forces with Al Qaeda.

What’s al Qaeda? It’s a ghost enemy, and has only grown, that has been elevated to some sort of major world force over the past decade {bin Laden and friends are in constant smile in their caves and thanking those who elevated them, every day, giving him everything he wanted}. Anyone who espouses to criminal terrorism of others and wants the stature that name now brings to other like minded individuals or groups take the label readily. Those that commit violent criminal terrorist acts are readily labeled as members of or offshoot groups on the fringes

Those that commit violent criminal terrorist acts are readily labeled as members of or offshoot groups on the fringes of. Except of course here in the United States, do domestic criminal terror, or planning same, you’re not only Not Labeled As Such some actually Embrace What You’ve Done or are Planning and that you have every right to terrorize your communities or country!.

Recent acts have proven that out, i.e. Austin Texas, Killings in Churches, Militia Raids, and we can go back for only a few of the many, Oklahoma City Bombing, Eric Rudolf, Branch Dividians in Waco, many many examples, not only in recent history but our entire history as a Nation.

The author then goes into great detail using links to support his argument. I suggest that you read the whole article.

He concludes by discussing an upcoming gun rights rally in Virginia

In both of these reports as well as the organizing going on now, and has been, mention a gathering of gun owners, with their weapons, holding a rally as close as they can get to the Washington DC area as to the laws of carrying weapons, loaded weapons. Ask any, it’s all over online, about this taking place as to the anniversary of the Worse Domestic Terrorist Attack by Americans on their fellow Country-persons, Oklahoma City Bombing, and they’ll all denie that was even thought of. They’ll reach into the bag of history and pull out numerous events on or around that date that it is supposed to represent. But don’t be fooled, Timothy McVeigh is a Hero among many who will be attending this rally, like others before him and since they’ve embraced.

There will be some attending who are somewhat responsible gun owners, I say somewhat because there not only will be a large gathering of others with loaded guns around them but many children will also be brought along, they won’t care. There definitely will be extremist among the crowd, that’s a gimme, but more important there will be many who have only become gun owners in the recent past year or just a little over, these are still not only inexperienced gun owners, they haven’t a real clue as to what those weapons will and do do, especially to others, nor I’m sure are they safety minded, the gun just makes them feel more powerful!

Where was all this so called media pushing rage during the previous decade, why now, many already know and many others are starting to realize. It has nothing to do with any Government Policies, no matter what the talking heads and these oh so frightened civilian members of this society say!

If everyone gathering together stays silent about the extremism around them, in many forms, then everyone gets labeled with that extremism, Everyone, you can run and hide in trying to excuse or reach for reasons to justify, you are no different!


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