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So, let me understand this. The NAACP’s Sacramento president, Alice Huffman, believes that marijuana should be legalized because Blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites for having the drug.

“It is time for them to stop using my community to fill the prisons,” Huffman said. “Once you get into the system, the next time you get arrested, they bump you up [to more serious charges].”

NAACP Endorses Legalizing Marijuana Due To Black Arrest Rates

OK, how about we encourage our people to stop smoking illegal drugs because it’s likely that we will get arrested for doing so? I know there are people who read this who will disagree with this statement. And on the flip side, since we are targeted more often than whites, how about, if you feel you must smoke an illegal drug, be as inconspicuous as our white counterparts, or just don’t smoke in public!

If there are other reasons or theories surrounding the NAACP’s support of legalizing marijuana, the organization needs to get it together and make a more valid argument. There are more compelling reasons than the one given above. Does this mean if Blacks are arrested more for murder than our white counterparts, should murder be legalized as well?

With the rich history of the NAACP and what the organization has done in the past, they should be held to a higher standard when it comes to defending the rights of Blacks. But if they have an initiative such as what is being proposed in Sacramento, then the relevancy of the NAACP has been diminished greatly in my eyes…


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