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Shirley Sherrod has accomplished a number of things in her career, but she had never planned on uniting Glenn Beck and the NAACP.

The former USDA official was allegedly forced out of her job as director of rural development in Georgia after a video surfaced that appeared to show her admitting that race played a factor in a decision to limit help for a white farmer. Sherrod is African American.

Her speech was significantly longer than the original clip, which now appears to have been taken significantly out of context.

According to Sherrod, she was given no chance to explain herself. “They asked me to resign. And, in fact, they harassed me,” she said about a series of phone calls from USDA Deputy Under Secretary Cheryl Cook. Sherrod was in the middle of a long road trip, but pulled over after Cook insisted that she write her resignation via Blackberry. She remembers being told, “You’re going to be on Glenn Beck tonight.”

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