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I know what you might be thinking. Is a woman seriously going to recommend a documentary film about Hugh Hefner, the Playboy guy? The simple answer is yes. This is not so all my male friends will sing my praises, or because I want to seem progressive.Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist & Rebel is worth seeing because like most good documentaries it teaches you something. In this instance what you’ll learn about Hefner’s support for black writers, artists and performers; as well as his commitment to civil rights will most assuredly surprise you.

Before I get to the good stuff let me be perfectly clear that this not a film for children; nor is it one for people who have difficulty in seeing all sides to a story. It’s true that there’s a level of nudity that some might not be comfortable with. But you ought to know what you’re going to get because it’s about Playboy.

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