Questions regarding justice for HBCU Bomb threat victims are still lingering as we head toward the end of the calendar year.


MLK holiday weekend in Atlanta will be very Black.

HBCU marching bands are a vital part of not only HBCU culture but of college culture in general. These bands have altered the landscape of music and have been integral in creating community and connection among Black people.


Following Haiti's mammoth 7.2 magnitude earthquake, one organization that keeps popping up on the "do not donate" list is the American Red Cross. Here's why.

Budget cuts make the expense of quality summer programming out of reach for many families.

The Black Man Can, a nonprofit organization, has built a volunteer army of Black male role models.

Mentorship is a method of nontraditional teaching open to anyone who's willing.

The program has mixed results but strives to make a difference.

One year after receiving vouchers, many students regressed academically.

Many Black students have the formidable task of succeeding while trapped in traumatizing, unsupportive community and school environments.

Oakland's school district launches an achievement program for Black girls. An emphasis on Black boys often overshadows their needs.

Flocabulary uses the power of rap and culture to help teachers engage with students. Educators rediscover learning through lyrics.