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The West African nation Niger is under military rule following a coup in which President Mohamed Bazoum was overthrown

Conversations with North Korea have begun after the U.S. soldier crossed into the nation.

Ready, Set Travel! Here are 10 African countries that do not require a visa for US citizens for trips ranging from 15-90 days...

The U.S. Army soldier held in North Korea illegally crossed into the rogue nation.

Police killed a Black teen driver in a Paris suburb, sparking outrage.

On this Memorial Day, we honor the unique roles that Black soldiers have played while fighting foreign wars for the United States.

Each of the 54 countries in Africa has its own history and culture that is celebrated all over the world! Learn more about them here.


The current conflict comes after a decade-long recession which has drastically lowered the living standards of Sudanese citizens as the state teetered on the brink of insolvency.


Days of violence in Sudan have resulted in the deaths of at least 180 people, with many more left wounded.


Vice President Kamala Harris made her triumphant arrival in Ghana on Sunday as she begins a weeklong stay in Africa in an effort to help deepen "enduring" ties to the United States.

A new letter urges President Biden to employ "diplomatic intervention" with Mexico over the death of Shanquella Robinson to "send a clear message that transnational criminal activities will not be tolerated."