Jason Whitlock said Angel Reese should "cover up" at the WNBA Draft but didn't have the same energy for white athletes.


The University of South Carolina women's hoops coach is a trailblazer on and off the court.

It’s been three years since we lost Kobe Bryant and his beautiful daughter Gianna, and to be honest it still doesn't feel real.

College Sports

T.C. Taylor, the wide receivers coach for the Tigers during their undefeated regular season, was hired on the recommendation of outgoing head coach Deion Sanders.


During an appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, NFL Cam Newton shared that he doesn't like women who "can't cook," and "don't know when to be quiet." 

Unfortunately, some of those COVID-19 conspiracists happen to be stars we love and admire. Here's a list of NBA athletes who have shared their controversial opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Flores is the latest victim of an NFL culture that sees black men, players, or coaches, as a product before it does a person. His suit is just the latest proof that Colin Kaepernick was right about the league from the jump.

Race Matters

Former Ohio State defensive back Marcus Williamson posted a lengthy Twitter thread recalling his experiences as a "young Black college athlete." which included allegations that Trayvon Martin's photo was used to illustrate a "no hoodie" rule. Coach Urban Meyer first denied it, but later admitted the photo was used.


Deion Sanders apparently wishes he had a gold-digger-dodging sensei like Brittany Renner back when he was in college because he said he would be about $20 million richer than he currently is if he knew the game off the field as well as he knew it on the field.


Ex-NFL Legend Deion Sanders brought in Instagram model Brittany Renner to teach his student-athletes at Jackson State University about the women they may meet on social media who will be out for their money and status.