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From PopMatters.com: We find ourselves at a critical juncture in popular culture. Recent events [the election of Barack Obama] would suggest that America is ready for a new kind of onscreen dialogue about race. Yet the same old narratives of race in America just keep getting trotted out. To read more, click here. Return to […]

From Time Magazine: As President-elect Barack Obama and his family settle into Washington ahead of his Inauguration, they will undoubtedly go through a period of adjustment. The girls will need to get used to a new school, the whole family will learn soon enough about the city’s muggy summers, and Obama may need to become […]

The Black Panther Party was founded, Kwanzaa created, and Edward Brooke became the first Black U.S. Senator.

Last year, when he was still a darkhorse Presidential candidate, he gave a speech at Martin Luther King’s church, Ebenezer Baptist, in Atlanta, Georgia. He also interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution about Dr. King’s influence on him and sang the song made popular by Dr. King, We Shall Overcome.

The official Barack Obama portrait of the 44th President was revealed by his office yesterday. It was taken with a digital camera by White House Photographer, Pete Souza.

<p>Barack Obama, a man of African descent is now the President elect of this country. This is an unprecedented historical event.  What is general significance of his victory for African Americans? What does this mean in terms of the progress African Americans have made in this country?</p>

SummahRain says, ” Suffice it to say that he doesn’t die. Now, if he was Black with a cell phone in his hand?”

A-Zenith-A says, “They were PLAIN CLOTHED COPS…walking the streets of NOLA at night and claimed Grimes shot at them FIRST…”

BP member A-Zenith-A says, “In what way was THIS young man delinquent, or ghetto, or miseducated, or somehow DESERVING of BEING SHOT?!?!?”

BP member tkenu1 shares a video about the true meaning of patriotism.

SummahRain shares an insightful article about the distinct new car smell.