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In the magazine’s prestigious 126 year history, no Black photographer has ever done the cover.

10 Black Photographers Vogue Should’ve Called To Shoot A Cover At Least Once  was originally published on

1. Gordon Parks

Parks was the first African-American photographer hired at Life and Vogue magazines, however he never got the chance to shoot a Vogue cover.

2. Jamel Shabazz

For over 40 years, some of the best moments in NYC history were captured by this man. Imagine all the Subway backdrops he could’ve captured for Vogue covers.

3. Carrie Mae Weems

Capturing the essence of a Black woman was Weems’ specialty. She’d totally slay a Beyonce Vogue cover.

4. Andre D. Wagner

Being the one of few Black people in his town growing up, the Omaha, Nebraska native has a unique perspective when it comes to capturing moments. He can make the most “street” things look like poetry.

5. Coreen Simpson

The flashy, fly nightlife of the 1980’s was Simpsons’ expertise. Her work on the cover of Vogue would bring nostalgia to a whole generation of 80’s babies.

6. Moneta Sleet Jr.

The Pulitzer winning photog is best known for capturing the infamous photo of Corretta Scott King at Dr. Marin Luther King’s funeral — but his lengthy resume includes shooting everyone from Stevie Wonder to a young Quincy Jones.

7. Lorna Simpson

Simpson has mastered the art of telling a story about the human condition, simply through powerful photos.

8. Eli Reed

The photojournalist has captured some of the greatest moments in Black history — from the Million Man March to the Crown Heights riots.

9. Roy Decarava

Decarava made the world realize that Black people are art.

10. Gerald Cyrus

Cyrus’ photos are so timeless that they still feel fresh and vibrant, no matter when you look at them.