In an “Dr. Phil” segment entitled, “Weatherman’s Real Life Hangover,” which aired on Wednesday, Zoel Kennedy (pictured above), the photographer who was involved in the sexting scandal with weatherman Geoff Fox (pictured below), came clean about the events leading up to the publicized messages that upended both Fox’s career and her relationship with her newfound […]

UPDATE 12/12/12, 5:13 p.m.: Zoel Kennedy’s interview on Wednesday with Dr. Phil reveals who posted the sexts to the public and whether she knew who Geoff Fox was during their exchange. Read about her interview here. ________________________________________ Fox Connecticut fired its in-house weatherman Geoff Fox (pictured above), after a frisky conversation he had with photographer […]

Bishop Carl Mimms III (pictured)  is hoping that Sprint will be bombarded with fire and brimstone for allegedly giving his suspicious wife, Diane (pictured), access to his cell phone records, reports Courthouse News Service.  Now the miffed minister is suing the telecommunications company. SEE ALSO: Planned Parenthood Sues Arizona The 48-year-old pastor, who heads Indiana’s Freedom Tabernacle […]