Police say Johnny Hollman was at fault regarding the minor accident, but Hollman appears to disagree and he refused to sign the citation.

Donors have been slow after a Black man was killed and buried by cops without notifying family.

An Atlanta cop was fired after tasing Johnny Hollman Sr. during a dispute over a traffic ticket, which led to his death. 

A Louisiana judge will allow a charge of negligent homicide in the 2019 death of Ronald Greene.

The family of Steven Perkins is searching for answers after he was shot and killed by Alabama police during a dispute with a tow truck driver.

Gershun Freeman, 33, died Oct. 5 inside Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee, while having a psychotic episode.

Funeral arrangements for Jawan Dallas have been set, but the GoFundMe set to help pay for his homegoing has been slow to gain traction.

Little is known about the traffic stop that led to the 21-year-old Black man’s death in Memphis.

Raleigh police officers killed Darryl Tyree Williams.

A cop killed the DoorDash driver during a traffic stop.

Amaree’ya Henderson was killed during a traffic stop in Kansas.

Torrance cops Matthew Concannon and Anthony Chavez pleaded not guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the death of Christopher Deandre Mitchell.