Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas went on an anti-abortion rant that critics said was embellishment and delivered under false pretenses.

While eliciting boos from Democrats, Trump's immigration orders likely elicited cheers from some deep-pocketed foes.


Researchers believe government officials have the responsibility to do more and should offer financial settlements to an estimated 830 survivors.


North Carolina is set to compensate victims of its involuntary sterilization program, according to NBC News. SEE ALSO: Sharpton Meets With POTUS, AG Holder To Discuss Voting Rights Act State House Speaker Thom Tillis said that the lawmakers’ vote to hand out $10 million in compensation was not easily reached. “There were challenges, we had to […]

The state of North Carolina is working on a plan to compensate thousands of residents who were victims of state-mandated sterilization. State eugenics laws, which began after World War II and lasted up until 1977, sterilized men, women and children as young as 10-years-old in an attempt at better breeding and population control. Social workers […]