From The Daily Kos: On the day before Election Day — that final moment when candidates decide where they want to make their last case to the voters they want to win the most  — Barack Obama chose to visit three big battleground states: Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.

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Despite some glitches many people across the country went out and exercised their right to vote early on October 20, 2008. Check out what happened on the first day of early voting in the 2008 Presidential election!

Florida kicked off early voting on Monday, with record crowds heading to the polls and voters waiting hours to cast their ballots. Elections officials said the few reported problems were minor.

Democrat Barack Obama poured millions of dollars into Florida over the summer but couldn’t close in on John McCain‘s comfortable lead. The Republican didn’t flinch, confident the state was trending toward the GOP eight years after it gave George W. Bush the White House.

WASHINGTON — Recently trailing or tied, Democrat Barack Obama now leads Republican John McCain in a trio of the most critical, vote-rich states five weeks before the election, according to presidential poll results released Wednesday.