Hurricane season is approaching, a many Black families can be disproportionately impacted during this dangerous time of year.


Nonprofits juggle obligations to serve their communities while maintaining their usual operations and rebuilding their facilities.


Data found the effect on low-income residents.


The now defunct charity launched by the hollywood actor promised sustainable housing opportunities for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

New Orleans Police have deployed “anti-looting” around the city as a way to deter in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

Several groups across the region are providing support to residents within the path of the storm. Residents and volunteers are urged to use caution in providing or seeking assistance as severe conditions persist.

With a surging delta variant and the fiercest hurricane to hit land in recent memory, many communities are fighting to stay afloat.

Rep. Steve King came under fire for a thinly veiled racist remark about Hurricane Katrina victims.

President Trump promised to send 'A plus' FEMA assistance to a white Alabama town.


Flags at half-staff have always represented the recognition of American tragedies, but Black death has never been perceived as an American tragedy.

Snapshots of the storm and its aftermath 13 years later.

Good News

Years after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Clint Smith received an honorary diploma from his New Orleans-based high school.