Mississippi is prioritizing public safety in the state’s capital city of Jackson to control violent crime and drug trafficking. 

Jackson residents have another setback.

Activists in Jackson, Mississippi, are trying to join a federal lawsuit against the city after claims a judge is ginning up racial division.

Mississippi department exec Christopher Wells argued that racism did not play a factor in the slow response to Jackson's water crisis.

Jackson mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba declared a local state of emergency due to the city’s low to no water pressure in certain areas. 

Congress has announced $600 million in federal funds to fix Jackson’s water crisis.

The Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign released a statement this week regarding DOJ's decision to intervene in the Jackson water crisis.

DOJ filed a proposal in federal court that will try and stabilize the city of Jackson, Mississippi’s public drinking water system.

“Don’t trust the state” to fix the water crisis, Jackson Mayor Lumumba told residents.

State and city officials continue to point the finger at each other as residents in Jackson still struggle to get access to clean water.

Black businesses in Jackson, Mississippi are living in a nightmare, but they are fighting to save their dreams.

Almost a month since a winter storm slammed through the gulf states, residents in Jackson, Mississippi, were still waiting for water service to be restored entirely.