A London jury ruled that police acted lawfully when they shot and killed unarmed Mark Duggan, 29, in 2011, infuriating his family and escalating calls for justice, reports Clutch Magazine. As previously reported by NewsOne, Duggan was shot and killed by police as he exited a cab in the North London neighborhood of Tottenham. His […]

London‘s Metropolitan Police are investigating whether 20 of its police officers and a civilian staff member are guilty of racism, the Guardian reports. The Guardian also published a recording from a black man in police custody where an officer allegedly uses a racial slur towards him. SEE ALSO: Unarmed Civilians Killed by Police: Kendrec McDade […]

LONDON  — Three-quarters of those arrested in Britain’s riots last month had criminal records, London’s mayor said Tuesday, blaming the U.K.’s criminal justice system for failing to turn offenders away from crime. “What was going to make you more likely to riot? It was previous contact with the police, and that’s the problem that we […]

LONDON — British authorities say the country’s prison population is likely to hit record levels as hundreds are jailed following England’s riots. Figures being released on Friday were expected to show 700 people have been sent to prison in the last week — many of whom have been convicted over the four nights of unrest […]

LONDON — London police force say 1,000 people have now been charged in the unrest that rocked the capital for four days, as human rights groups reiterated concerns that the sentences being handed out nationwide are disproportionate. Acting chief Tim Godwin issued a statement Wednesday that said while the milestone is significant, the investigation is […]

LONDON — British police have charged a 16-year-old boy with murdering a retiree during an attack by rioters in London last week, as the government said officers would get better training and stronger powers to deal with a new and unpredictable era of street disturbances. The boy, who can’t be named because of his age, […]

Respected Black British journalist Darcus Howe recently called the London riots an “insurrection of the masses” and a not a riot. “It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it’s happening in Liverpool,” said Howe in an interview with BBC television on Tuesday. Howe, believes that these riots are the consequence of years […]

An English historian sparked outrage Friday when he blamed Black and Afro-Caribbean culture for the London riots, despite the rioters being predominantly white. The comments came during a BBC roundtable debate in which several of the guests disagreed with what they called Starkey’s outlandish comments. “The problem is that the whites have become black — […]

LONDON— Police in London said Friday they have charged almost 600 people with violence, disorder and looting over deadly riots in Britain’s capital, as the city’s mayor said Londoners wanted to see “significant sentences” handed out to the guilty. Across the country, more than 1,700 people have been arrested. Courts in London, Birmingham and Manchester […]

The BBC has apologized for suggesting that an elderly man who was being interviewed on the London riots was actually a participant in the violence that has rocked the city. Darcus Howe, a 68-year-old radical West Indian writer and journalist from Brixton, was being interviewed by BBC presenter Fiona Armstrong on his thoughts on the […]

LONDON — Police in London raided houses to round up more rioting suspects Thursday as Britain’s big cities remained largely quiet after four days of rioting and looting that drew thousands of police officers onto the streets. Prime Minister David Cameron issued a stern warning that order would be restored by whatever means necessary. Deputy […]

I wrote this article in January of 2009, but felt it was relevant again due to the riots in London and other cities in the U.K. As we can see in the article, the riots in the U.K. should be of no surprise, as history shows us that poverty, discrimination, unemployment and police brutality often […]