Black folks have been a big part of the history of the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans throughout the decades.

A Black New Orleans-based group defends wearing blackface at Mardi Gras.

Some Mardi Gras parade viewers couldn't believe that racist blackface figurines were being tossed into the crowd like confetti on Saturday.

A Mardi Gras celebration in Mississippi ended tragically with the death of two people on Sunday afternoon


As the city of St. Louis celebrates Mardi Gras, the lighthearted celebration can’t change the somber tone in the area following the death of Michael Brown. Ferguson protestors used the city’s most extravagant annual event as a platform for their voices to be heard. A group of demonstrators gathered on the steps of City Hall […]

Queens, New York– Auctioneers were very cautious after finding voodoo dolls that are possibly a  century old in the Historic Steinway Mansion. The mansion which is being sold for $2.5 million was being cleared after the death of the last owner, Michael Halberian,  who lived there for 82 years.  The experts who made the discovery […]

Louisiana – Close to a week has gone by in New Orleans of partying. Tons of food, music, partying, and the customary beads of the celebration are around people’s necks. Before the Catholic holiday of Lent in which people usually fast from certain types of foods or drinks, people go out and party and indulge […]

NEW ORLEANS — Revelers bared flesh and threw beads on Bourbon Street until the sun rose on Mardi Gras to mark the annual pre-Lenten celebration that takes on so many shapes in New Orleans, from early morning parades to gay costume balls and second-line dancing of Mardi Gras Indians.