Cindy Hyde-Smith won't return campaign contributions after winning her runoff election.

Black Republicans supported Cindy Hyde-Smith over Mike Espy.

Democrat Mike Espy lost the Mississippi Senate runoff election to Cindy Hyde-Smith Tuesday night.

Here are reasons why Mississippi voters should reject Cindy Hyde-Smith.

John Allen Chau wanted to establish Christianity on the Sentinelese people.

Mike Espy debated the open racist last night.

Mississippi’s incumbent Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith was expected to square off Tuesday night against her Democratic rival Mike Espy on the debate stage.

She is facing a runoff with Mike Espy on Nov. 27.

Governor Phil Bryant shows he is just as racist as we would expect.

They are facing a runoff on Nov. 27.

Twitter reacts to GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's racist comment that was caught on video.