Apparently, some Black guy named Daniel is out here selling "Daniel's Rope Ties," which look like nooses and are described on the product's Facebook page as "African rope wear" for "all genders."

Parents of students at an elementary school in California were understandably outraged after finding out that the faculty they trusted with their children's education recently posed for a picture appearing to celebrate a noose.

A business owner is insisting he isn’t racist, although the Confederate flags and nooses hung at his Discount Tree Service store tell a different story. The paraphernalia was hung at Robert Tomanovich’s tree store in Livonia, Mich., according to the New York Daily News. When people began to complain about the flags and the noose Tomanovich had hanging […]

Two black orderlies are alleging that an anesthesiologist and technician at North Shore University Hospital harassed them with nooses and racist comments, according to a lawsuit recently filed in Brooklyn Federal Court. SEE ALSO: From The Crown Up “Where I work, there are a lot of educated people with an immature way of behaving,” said […]

FENTON, Mo. — A 17-year-old girl has been released from a hospital intensive-care unit after getting caught in a noose at a St. Louis-area haunted house. Politician Calls Dreadlock Scarecrow With Noose “Racist” Black Woman Slams ASPCA Over Noose On Premises The St. Louis Post-Dispatch  reports that the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department says the girl’s […]

NEW YORK-Activist and New York City Councilman, Charles Barron has called for the removal of a hanging dreadlocked scarecrow from a park in Brooklyn. Barron called the scarecrow “racist” and NYPD took down the scarecrow and took it for evidence. Hate Crime? Black Student In Cali Says He Was Bullied With Noose Halloween Lynching Custom […]