Kenny Mitchell has become Snapchat’s first Black C-suite executive.

Peggy Alford is the first Black woman to be nominated to join Facebook’s board of directors.

Google promoted Valeisha Butterfield Jones to head its global women and Black Community engagement initiative.

Silas Adekunle—the founder of Reach Robotics—announced that his company will sell its gaming robots at Apple stores.

Google establishes a training space on its Silicon Valley campus for Howard University computer science students.

It always feels like we’re making strides as a community and culture, until a study comes out telling us, but wait, there’s more. Not that all the data should be taken at face value, but it’s important to be aware of the messages being put out there. Take, for example, this recent study that says […]

One thing civil rights activists must do is keep the public’s attention on serious matters. Still, even they have a sense of humor. One would argue that they must in order to keep fighting. So, there was this time at a hunger strike…. In a moment of levity during an interview at First Annual Diversity […]

Despite the fact that we have Black people in positions of power throughout government, including the White House, Black economic progress won’t necessarily come from the political arena going forward. So says someone who used to work for that White House, tasked with fostering the growth of “green” jobs in urban and vulnerable communities. “The future is […]