Post-Racial? Black-White Marriages On The Rise

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Marriage between Black people and white people is on the rise, according to a recent study by Journal of Marriage and Family.

In 1980, only 3% of Black people were married to white people, and in 2008 more than 10% of Black people were married to white people.

Poll Shows That 86% Of Americans Approve Of Interracial Marriage

Look Who’s Coming To Dinner! The Rise Of Interacial Marriage

USA Today reports:

Blacks who have completed higher levels of education are more likely to marry whites because they have a greater chance of interacting with them in school, the workplace and neighborhoods where they live — a fact that has been true for other groups for a while but not for blacks, Qian says.

“This doesn’t imply that we’ve moved into a post-racial society,” says Daniel Lichter, director of the Cornell Population Center and study co-author. “Even though there’s been a rapid increase (in black-white unions), it’s still very low.”

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