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Bakari Kitwana speaks with Amari Jackson and Anthony Browder about the current political uprising in Egypt. Novelist Amari Jackson talks about the relationship of his new novel, The Savion Sequence, to real life events in the Middle East. And Browder, who has conducted over 40 study tours to Egypt over the last two decades, examines the complex ways that today’s cry for freedom relates to ancient history.

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In this discussion both consider the relationship between ancient Egyptian history and contemporary events, fact and fiction, as well as personal and political freedom. Browder calls the movement in Egypt, “One of the best examples in our lifetime of people trying to achieve their freedom nonviolently.”

Amari Jackson is a journalist and the author of The Savion Sequence. Anthony Browder is a cultural historian and author of Egypt on the Potomac. Bakari Kitwana is CEO of Rap Sessions, Editor at Large of and author of the forthcoming Hip-Hop Activism in the Obama Era. (Third World Press, 2010)


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