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Only a few days ago it was reported that NeNe Leakes and Star Jones were trying to end their bitter argument, but now NeNe has probably ruined any chance of ending the feud by hanging out with Star’s ex husband, Al Reynolds.

According to PopEater, “Star thinks it’s pathetic that these two has-beens have teamed up together… NeNe knows how much pain and hurt that man caused Star. For NeNe to suddenly befriend him tells you exactly what sort of woman she really is.”

While Star has vowed never to speak about the reasons behind the split to the press, sources claim that Al would do anything he can to get back in the limelight, and with the reputation NeNe has for running her mouth, you can understand why Star is fuming! A friend of Star’s tells PopEater,”Al will do anything to get back into the press, including hanging out with reality stars…. But to be getting close and personal with a woman who has publicly stated she wouldn’t spit on your ex-wife if she was on fire is just desperate.”

Agreed. Come on NeNe, you’re a grown woman, you can do better than this drama!

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