Donald Trump has been found guilty of all counts in a criminal trial in which he was accused of paying hush money to a porn star via illegal means for political purposes.

The unthinkable levels of racist devastation was inflicted on Black Wall Street in the Greenwood Business District of Tulsa beginning May 31, 1921.

Three Black men are suing American Airlines for “blatant and egregious race discrimination” after a body odor complaint led to their removal.

Denny's restaurant chain launched a social change initiative and donated millions to Black groups after its latest racial profiling incident.

All charges have been dropped against golfer Scottie Scheffler, who dragged a police officer from his car after he "refused to comply." Yep, sounds about white.

Public schools in Louisiana could be required to display the Ten Commandments in every classroom if Republicans get their way.

Mainstream media has long been challenged for its biased and non-factually based coverage.

Some fragile white people are upset that Major League Baseball has incorporated Negro League statistics in its database of records.

Eric Posey was defamed by a conservative blogger.

Federal prosecutors have been interviewing Sean “Diddy” Combs' accusers and may present that evidence soon to a grand jury, according to a new report.

Kimberlé W. Crenshaw explains the evidence-based content Critical Race Theory teaches.

Black Voters Matter and me too. International have joined forces for the 2024 election.

NewsOne was on the scene at this year's Bloody Sunday commemoration.

Black Girls Rock! returns to television this year through a broadcast partnership with Lifetime. Read more about the upcoming celebration.

The jazz composer wanted a world where Black American music lived beyond category.

50 Cent has all the right in the world to criticize Diddy for the horrible things he has done, but he shouldn’t pick and choose.

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Donald Trump not only failed George Floyd but also Black America with policing and criminal justice reform, the Biden Campaign said in an exclusive statement to NewsOne.

Senate Republicans previously filibustered the sweeping criminal justice reform bill.

South Carolina's congressional voting map was deemed racist by a lower court.

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Airika J. Cross, a cultural organizer with Dream Defenders, addressed the vital role of mental health in activism and community empowerment.

NewsOne profiled Dream Defenders co-Executive Director Nailah Summers-Polite as part of a new partnership for media justice.

As NewsOne embarks on a new partnership with Dream Defenders, we're privileged to spotlight training lead Kassandra Toussaint.

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The "Teacherville" initiative covers down payment and closing costs for home purchases.

Byron Perkins, a defensive back at Hampton University, is entering the 2024 NFL Draft.

When choosing a gift for your loved one this holiday season, prioritize functionality, quality and adaptability — especially for family members who may be in college or high school.

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Dream Defenders beckoned a new generation of freedom fighters who wanted to follow in the footsteps of civil rights and Black power icons, the group's public relations manager, Marjua Estevez, writes.

It's critical to unpack the violence Black women experience at the hands of Black men.

The epic beef between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake has once again demonstrated the linguistic acrobatics of rap culture.

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We are here for Vivica – who has had her share of past public relationships – unapologetically putting it out there and looking for her potential boo. Dating can be difficult no matter who you are, how young you may be, or how fly your swagger is. Speak it into existence, Sis!

Meet Dream Defenders Co-Executive Director Jonel Edwards Mickles as her group partners with NewsOne for media justice.

Meet Dream Defenders leader Brittany King, and learn how this human rights organization empowers its community.

White journalist Sam Forster is being dragged for disguising himself as a Black man for one summer to write a book on how racism still persists in America.

As NewsOne embarks on a partnership with Dream Defenders, we're privileged to spotlight Marjua Estevez, the group's public relations manager.

NewsOne has partnered with Dream Defenders. Get to know Rachel Gilmer, director of the Dream Defenders' Healing And Justice Center.

Now that all former Negro League players officially had their stats added to Major League Baseball’s historical records, aficionados debating the greatest player of all time must add Hall of Fame catcher Josh Gibson to that list.

Some of our favorite artists are dropping Black music memoirs and we can't wait to add them to our bookshelves.

A viral video purportedly shows Lakeland police officers brutally beating a Black teen before one puts their knee on his neck.