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It seems that Glenn Beck has never learned the meaning of an offensive comment.

On his radio show today, the Fox News shock-jock said that he would be “uncomfortable” with a Muslim in his administration; echoing the same sentiment of Republican presidential hopeful, Herman Cain, who said last week he was unsure he could trust a Muslim in his administration.

“Do you feel comfortable in saying, ‘yeah, you know what? I’m not even going to check that guy on his stance on Sharia law,'” Beck said. He started to say that, although it wasn’t fair, he wouldn’t ask the same of a Catholic or a Baptist, but then backtracked, saying that, in fact, he might be “uncomfortable” with people from any faith, explaining, “I don’t trust anybody anymore.”

This isn’t new territory for Beck who once said he believes 10 percent of Muslims are terrorists.

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