As you’re preparing for the week ahead check out these five stories you may have missed.

Discounting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn in 2020 proves that Fox and the Manhattan Institute are not interested in a genuine conversation on the issues. 

Seven African-Americans --- who said they were forced to arm wrestle their White female colleagues --- will join a pending racial discrimination lawsuit against the controversial network, said a new report.

Two Black female employees --- Tichaona Brown and Tabrese Wright --- at Fox News Channel called out the network for discrimination in a lawsuit this week.


In an apparent dismissal of the history of slavery in the United States and countless crimes enacted on Blacks by Whites in its reverberating aftermath, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros (pictured) said Monday that President Barack Obama has contributed to making race relations worse than any time in U.S. history, Raw Story reports. But she expressed […]


A Baltimore, Md., Fox News affiliate has apologized for editing a broadcast report to make it appear as if protesters demonstrating against police violence were chanting, “kill a cop,” according to Talking Points Memo. RELATED: Obama Launches Task Force To Examine Police-Community Relations Gawker, the website, reported Monday that the affiliate, WBFF-TV, had edited footage of […]

It seems that Glenn Beck has never learned the meaning of an offensive comment. On his radio show today, the Fox News shock-jock said that he would be “uncomfortable” with a Muslim in his administration; echoing the same sentiment of Republican presidential hopeful, Herman Cain, who said last week he was unsure he could trust […]