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There have been a number of videos circulating around the internet showing the ignorance, fear and hatred of McCain/Palin supporters. Many are disturbing and show the deep rooted ignorance of McCain’s supporters as well as what McCain and Palin are doing to to incite this anger. Here are our Top 5 McCain Palin Hate-Mob videos.

Number 1: McCain/Palin Ohio Hate Fest

In this video, Obama is referred to as a nigger and woman calls him a Muslim and fears that if he was elected the ‘blacks will take over.’

Number 2: McCain/Palin Hate Talk Express

This video is a compilation of several other videos of  McCain and Palin supporters spewing their right wing talk radio fueled hatred and fear as well as the statements McCain and Palin made to encourage their behavior.

Number 3: The Hate Talk Express Hits Pennsylvania

In this video a protester confronts McCain and Palin supporters on Palin charging victims for rape-kits, asking if his friend should have to pay for her rape kit, a McCain/Palin supporter says that she shoud die. The McCain/Palin supporters call Obama a terrorist and a Muslim and call protesters commie-faggots.

Number 4: The Hate Talk Express Comes back to Ohio

In this video there’s more of the McCain/Palin mob calling Obama a terrorist and questioning his patriotism and praising Sarah Palin without knowing anything about her. A young boy with his parents says of Obama, ‘You need gloves to touch him’

Part 2

Number 5: Man with Obama Monkey. I don’t know what is more disturbing, the fact that he is comparing Obama to a monkey, or the creepy pedophile smile he has.

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