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Reverend Jesse Jackson watched from backstage a massive and enthusiastic crowd shout “OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA!” If humans could sprout bubble captions, his most likely read: “Young punks! So naive, with all their ‘colorblind’ bulls@*t….should’ve been me.” While most political analysts would say Obama learned from the failed attempts of former black presidential candidates by appealing to, not only the black community, the masses, Jackson shamed him for his political smarts.

Most people remember the inappropriately shocking crude remarks that were made about Obama when Reverend Jackson thought he was having a private conversation off air during a TV appearance on Fox News. Jackson should have known that Fox is not the network to make statements about what he’d like to do with Obama’s man parts, and officially confirm his hypocrisy. “Talking down to black people, telling n—as how to behave. I want to cut his nuts off,” is what came from the mouth of the prolific civil rights leader who once launched a campaign to ban the use of the “n word.” Right wing media had a field day with this candid footage because it ultimately displayed a lack of unity in within black leadership. Thank you Jesse Jackson.

Perhaps the more disheartening part, is Reverend Jackson is one of many popular black figures and political underachievers who hated on Obama. Even after 100 days in office, the naysayers offer up critiques adn the reluctance to support the president is painfully obvious.

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