Twitter and film critics chime in.


Since taking office, President Barack Obama has faced a barrage of disrespect. From conservative pundits constant slip-of-the-tongue references to Obama as “Osama,” Glenn Beck claiming the president “hates white people” and even Donald Trump’s overhyped demands to see the president’s birth certificate, critics have levied some very brazen, almost radical assaults against Obama. And while […]


Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, wants voters in Arizona's 3rd Congressional District to send him to Congress so he can "knock the hell out of Washington." At least that's what he's telling them in a new campaign ad released Wednesday.


In an interview with CBS, Matt Damon criticized McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin and said he is scared to have her as President. He called her a ‘really bad Disney movie’, said he thinks the pick was made for political purposes, and believes there is a one in three chance that Mccain will die and […]

I readCornel West‘s “Race Matters” with more of a sense of obligation than any real interest. The book’s been out since ’94 and I only got around to reading it this year, so that should tell you something. See, I think the “Black people as a scientific study” books have only been done right once: […]