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The group of hackers known as “Anonymous” has shut down several neo-Nazi websites owned by Jamie Kelso, a former John Birch Society member, assistant to David Duke and moderator for the white supremacist website, Stormfront.

“Anonymous” claims to have recovered emails from Kelso that prove that Ron Paul has regularly met with members of Jamie Kelso’s neo-Nazi political party American Third Position and even was on several conference calls with their board of directors. Here is a statement from “Anonymous” from one of the neo-Nazi websites they shut down.

In addition to finding the usual racist rants and interactions with other white

power groups, we also found a disturbingly high amount of members who are also

involved in campaigning for Ron Paul. According to these messages, Ron Paul has

regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with

their board of directors. Ron Paul’s racist politics and

affiliations are already well known, being viciously anti-immigrant,

anti-abortion and against gay marriage — not to mention having authored the

racist “Ron Paul Papers” and receiving financial support from other white power

groups (pictured with Don Black from Hard to believe Ron Paul

draws some support from the left and the occupation movements, especially now

that it is confirmed Ron Paul hangs out with straight up racist hate groups.

We put extra effort in ruining the life of A3P webmaster Jamie Kelso. On top of

being on the board of directors of A3P, former $cientologist, and high ranking

Ron Paul organizer, he also is the account owner of german nazi forums and store,

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Jamie Kelso, a notorious white supremacist has bragged about being a Ron Paul organizer and has several pictures from Ron Paul events posted on his website “White News Now”

Kelso was the person who took the picture of Ron Paul with former Ku Klux Klansman, Don Black and his son, Derek.

Here is a picture with Jamie Kelso at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, rallying for Ron Paul

Here are some emails retrieved from Kelso’s account.

Here Is An Email From Someone In Ron Paul’s Campaign To Kelso

Jamie, just wanted you to know that I though it was ashame that you were treated so badly at the CPAC meeting. I intend to let Ron Paul know that you have a large following, and are well respected by many White people. There was no reason for Ron Paul’s man to get involved in any lobby conversation that you may have—now or in the future. Paul should apologize to you personally—there was no reason for you to be insulted by some weird looking flunky of Paul. Let me tell you Jamie, Paul has some real characters in his family tree in Pennsylvania. They wouldn’t be too hard to locate in the Dormont-Greentree area. :wink_smile: Sincerely, Penn Dutch Subject:

Here Is An Email To A White News Now Poster Regarding A Member Of Ron Paul’s Campaign

You’ve got an admirer in Imbar Date: Nov Mon 2009 To: Alexander Hamilton ( From: Jamie Kelso (

Text: Hello Alexander, Hey, great posting. Imbar just called me and he likes your stuff too. Imbar is Ron Paul’s #2 man in Illinois. Owns his own manufacturing company. Young guy like you. Jeff (Imbar) and I have been buddies for years. We met up with Ron Paul in Ames, Iowa in Aug. 2007. Nice work, Jamie Subject:

Here Kelso Invites A White News Now Supporter To Meet Ron Paul

Re: your banners Date: Jan Sat 2010 To: Benjamin Franklin ( From: Jamie Kelso ( Text: Hello Ben, ……We’ll have hundreds of great banners here on WhiteNewsNow soon. We’ll have the most interesting top of the forum anywhere. Thanks for the great good effect that your presence and posting here has on what we’re accomplishing. I appreciate getting a bunch of messages from you, please keep ’em coming. See ya’, Jamie

P.S. I’m arriving in Wash.,DC at 3:30pm on Wednesday, Feb. 17th at Reagan Airport (in DC). I’m leaving on Tuesday morning Feb. 23 from Reagan. We’ll be meeting up with Nick Griffin on Wednesday night..a few of us. I let Nick know about the CPAC going on on Thurs. and Fri. at the Marriott Hotel north of the White House. Nick loved the idea of getting to this…since there will be 10,000+ right-wing White folks at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Ron Paul will be there Fri. afternoon. Want to meet up with him?

Here Are Some Emails From Kelso Regarding Racists Working For Ron Paul’s Campaign

“A couple of my buddies are among those dozen [email sent]. ‘Knucklehead’ is my buddy and Sr. Mod named Imbar on WhiteNewsNow [a racist website owned by Kelso]. He’s also Ron Paul’s #2 man in Illinois, Chicago, where is a manufacturer. His name is Jeff

Hello HF, Cool. We had a great meeting in Orange County last night, at which I was asked by the Chairman of the American Third Position party to take on the work of his personal assistant. Bill Johnson is the Chairman, and a good friend. He has been Ron Paul’s top man in Southern Calif. for the last 3 years. So this is a big deal, and will really help WNN. Much more to report later. Thanks, Jamie