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On Tuesday, ABC News broke the news that a final phone call between slain teenager Trayvon Martin and a 16-year-old female friend took place just minutes before neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman killed him, after a supposed confrontation. While there isn’t any official audio of the call, Trayvon’s parents stood behind the friend’s account, stating that Zimmerman’s self-defense claims were false.


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Appearing Wednesday morning on NBC’s the TODAY show, Trayon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, gamely faced host Matt Lauer’s grilling and held fast to the notion that their son was not being a troublemaker as he was returning to his home. To Lauer’s question of what does the news of the friend’s call prove, Tracy Martin affirmed his family’s stance:

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“To me, it proves he wasn’t walking around in the neighborhood doing anything suspicious,” said Mr. Martin. “He was on his way home. He had every right to have on his hoodie. It was raining. Why not put on his hoodie to prevent getting wet?”

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Lauer then asked Travyon’s mother if the details around the final call could be trusted, restating that there was no official recording made of the conversation:

“Yes, it can [be trusted],” said Ms. Fulton. “She was distraught because of the situation that happened with Trayvon and that the fact she was on the phone with him right before the incident occurred. She also mentioned she had feelings for Trayvon, so it hurt her dearly to know that he passed way.”

Lauer dug in further by calling the new evidence of the phone call hearsay, directing his attention toward family attorney Benjamin Crump by asking him if this hurts the family’s case.

“It really doesn’t because she is a 16-year-old teenager who just lost a person very special to her,” said Crump. “Her parents are very concerned; they did not want her to get involved. It wasn’t until Mr. Martin found the phone records and saw that she called him at 7:12, the police got on the scene at 7:17.”

Benjamin Crump spoke up for the Martin family after Lauer asked once again what they expect to happen in this harrowing case:

“It’s real simple to us,’’ Crump said. “He needs to be arrested, prosecuted, convicted. The state needs to do it. It’s crazy that this family has to wait for grand juries and stuff when if it was the other way around, they would’ve arrested their son on the spot.’’

Here’s my question: Why is the child who is dead being put on trial? Why isn’t George Zimmerman on trial? Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that Zimmerman was an unregistered watchman who had a 9 mm gun? Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that Zimmerman had called more than 40 times to authorities each time he saw a “suspicious Black male” in his community? Why is Zimmerman still walking around? Why are Trayvon’s parents being forced to defend their own child who is no longer with them?

These are just a FEW questions. There are many more. Justice MUST be delivered in this case.


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