Like it or not, Black Lives Matter is one of if not the largest social movements America has ever seen. As it turns 10 years old, we now have an entire decade’s worth of legacy to ponder over. 

Steven Crowder suggested George Zimmerman should kill John Fetterman over his hoodie.

They are on video racially profiling a 16-year-old in the town where Trayvon Martin was killed.


Research over the past several years found that Stand Your Ground laws led to an increase in firearm homicides.

Whites who commit violent crimes with no consequences is a theme.

Last week Rittenhouse’s lawyer Mark Richards said the young teenager could take the stand in his defense, allowing the 18-year-old some say into his mindset during the night of the deadly shootings.


It's not just Megyn Kelly's comments about Naomi Osaka. The former FOX News host has been spitting out racism for years.

He would have been 26-years-old today. Social media is celebrating his life.


Twitter is annoyed with George Zimmerman and his latest lawsuit against Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg over tweets posted honoring Trayvon Martin's birthday.


Folks have questions for the quarterback ahead of the Super Bowl.


Rumors that Boosie beat up George Zimmerman outside of a Walmart in Miami was proven to be false.


He cites an upcoming documentary to back his legal actions.