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Cuba Gooding Jr. is speaking out against charges that he sexually harassed and groped several women in a New Mexico bar one month ago. Last March, the Academy Award-winning actor was accused of entering a tavern in Albuquerque and letting loose on a number of women in his vicinity. The “Red Tails” actor who recently signed on for the pilot for the FOX legal drama, “Guilty,” was said to have gotten grabby with the ladies and aggressive with those trying to capture him in the act on camera.

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On Cuba’s behavior, a woman by the name of Sara told Jezebel:

At about midnight on March 1st, Cuba Gooding Jr. waltzed into the bar we were at and proceeded to sexually harass a number of the [women there] and assault (punch) a [man] for attempting to take a picture of Cuba receiving a lap dance. […] The sexual harassment occurred when women would be taking pictures with him; he would grab butt cheeks during the picture taking and when women reacted negatively to that, he would proceed to either touch women’s breasts or tell them that he “loved them.” He told me that he loved me because his wife’s name is also Sara. Classy.

Sara also told Jezebel, “I have pictures of him reaching to grope my breast as well as pictures of my friend jumping on his back in anger after he twisted her nipples.”

Another woman alleging harassment shared her experience with the actor as well:

He asked where I was staying and told me I would be staying with him tonight, making lewd comments about his plans to sleep with me that night. He mentioned that he his happily married with three kids, but “not tonight.” He also said I was “probably like 12” years old (I am actually 23 years old). I also witnessed him inappropriately touching a friend of mine, [Meagan], which caused her to be extremely upset.

TMZ caught up with Gooding Jr. at Los Angeles International Airport, where he brushed off the allegations, saying that they were “bulls**t.” When asked about the photos his accusers say confirm his behavior, he quipped, “Yeah… yeah right.”

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