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After it was revealed that Jay Z along with his wife, Beyoncé, secretly wired tens of thousands of dollars to bail out protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson, the critical thinking-challenged hosts of Fox & Friends threw a fit. The tone was very “How dare these Black people help other Black people?” First there was Elizabeth […]

Two months ago, Tony Robinson Jr.’s uncle, Turin Carter, tried to separate his nephew’s death from the Black Lives Matter movement. At a press conference, Carter discussed Tony (aka Tyrell’s) identity issues spurred by his mixed race background, using that as a catalyst to argue, “We don’t want to just stop at Black Lives Matter. […]

As the city of Baltimore deals with what many have considered inevitable – conflict between the community and law enforcement boiling over onto the streets – its mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, finds herself rushing to clarify controversial comments she made about the protesters. Over the weekend, Mayor Rawlings-Blake said of protests on Saturday, “It’s a very […]

Bill de Blasio has absolutely no chance of becoming the next president. For starters, barring some political catastrophe, there’s no chance in hell Hillary Clinton is going to allow anyone else to defeat her for a second time around. You will literally have to pry the nomination from former President Bill Clinton’s cold dead hands […]

A historic win has led to a typical display of disrespect in the small town of Parma, Missouri. On Tuesday, former city clerk Tyus Byrd was sworn in as mayor, making her the first Black woman to ever hold the position in the midwestern town. Unfortunately, her swearing-in was subsequently met with 80 percent of […]

On the surface, perhaps Florida Republican Senator and now GOP candidate for president, Marco Rubio, is the right wing’s answer to President Obama. Like Obama, Rubio is a relatively young politician to command national attention. In the same way that Obama can reference Jay Z and Lil Wayne, Rubio will openly declare his love of […]

Although the press has been discussing Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2016 since she formally resigned from her post as Secretary of State, many pundits had been saving their best material for when she formally announced. Now that she has, everyone’s talking — only no one has been funnier than those performance artists over at […]

For such an interesting candidate, Sen. Rand Paul formally announced his bid for the presidency in the most banal of ways. Speaking before a cheering crowd at a Louisville, Kentucky hotel, the Republican senator spoke of himself as an outsider who can “beat the Washington machine.” Feel free to yawn here. After that, Paul followed […]

In a complete waste of time, Indiana Governor Mike Pence held a press conference on Tuesday morning to “clarify” the intent of the law known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would allow business to discriminate against gays and lesbians. Pence said, “I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be helpful to move […]

Ben Carson is starting to make me appreciate the political genius of Herman Cain. Carson may be a brain surgeon, but unless you’re talking about neurosurgery, he has nothing to offer besides banality, sensationalism, and overall mindlessness. Naturally, this makes him a hot commodity amongst a noted sect (re: the craziest) of conservatives. In a […]

The headline is as frightening as it sounds: “Half Of Atlanta’s Newly Diagnosed HIV Patients Have AIDS, Grady Testing Finds.” Yet, what may sound like an isolated problem is a complicated issue whose faults are multidimensional and could easily pour over into other major metropolitan cities. If they haven’t already. As NPR’s Lisa Hagen reports, […]

I’m no longer certain what’s more taxing: Having to write about yet another unarmed Black person experiencing excessive, brutal force from law enforcement, or having to note that Black man or woman doesn’t have to be pristine to have their humanity respected. Or to have their untimely death be any less tragic or significant because […]