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A Westside Detroit homeowner shot and killed a teenager who broke into his home, but accidentally shot his wife in the process, the Detroit Free Press reports.


75-Year-Old Man Kills Teen Intruder

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The 64-year-old resident, who was not named, heard two men braking into his home (pictured and taken by Detroit Free Press) around 5 a.m. this morning, according to a Detroit Police Department official. The homeowner fired at the intruders, killing one and wounding his wife. The other intruder escaped. But cops followed a trail of blood to the residence of the second suspect. No more information about either man is currently available.

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The homeowner’s wife is in temporary-seriously condition. Police are currently investigating the incident. Detroit homeowners have been fighting back against home intruders. Just a month or so ago, a 75-year-old man shot and killed a teenage intruder. “It was either him or me,” he told a local TV station.

Go to Detroit TV station WXYZ for more on this story.


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