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UPDATE: May 29, 2012, 7:05 P.M. EST

Latonya Bowman, the Detroit woman whose ex-boyfriend allegedly tried to have her killed to prevent her from having his child gave birth to a boy Tuesday.

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A nine months pregnant woman, 22, survived being abducted, set on fire and shot. Her ex-boyfriend, also 22, — and father of the unborn child — is being questioned, reports the Detroit News.

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The ex-couple had gone to a drive-in movie, and she was returning him to the home of his new girlfriend when the incident occurred, according to Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green.

“He opened the detached garage and told her to pull in,” Green said. “She did and before she could turn the car off, he closed the garage door behind her. Someone grabbed her by the neck and put a gun to her head.”

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The primary motive being considered at this moment is paternity, according to the News.

After her hands, feet and mouthed were duct taped, the woman was forced into the backseat of her car and driven to an abandoned lot. “You know why this is happening,” the unknown assailant told her after asking her how far along she was. He then covered her with lighter fluid and threw a lit match on her, reports the News.

“She instinctively jimmies her way out of the car and starts rolling on the ground to put out the fire,” Green said. As she was attempting to put out the fire, two shots were fired at her, one hitting her in the back, before she stopped moving.

“She said she basically played dead and she thinks that’s what saved her because she heard the guy run away.”

After freeing herself, she immediately drove to her mother’s house because she believed she was in danger. According to the woman, her mother was held at gunpoint at her baby shower earlier this month.

While Detroit authorities are unsure of exactly what role the ex-boyfriend played in the attempted murder of his future child’s mother, they have no doubt that he was involved in some capacity. He claims that he has no idea what happened because he was asleep, which conflicts with his ex’s story.

“We’re pretty confident he viewed the abduction. He never called 911,” Green said.

A spokesperson for Detroit Receiving Hospital says the woman is listed in serious condition, recovering from burns to her head and back. Due to give birth in three-weeks, ultrasounds show that the child is unharmed, reports

The ex-boyfriend, who has a criminal past including vehicular theft, drugs and armed robbery, remains in custody.

Unfortunately, if police determine that he is involved in this horrific crime, he would not be the first man to attempt to literally destroy a woman carrying his unborn child.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Dominic Holt-Reid, on supervised release after serving 20 months in federal prison stemming from a 2007 drug conviction, pled not guilty to an attempted murder charge after authorities accused him of trying to force his girlfriend at gunpoint to have an abortion.

Waiting until they dropped their 5 year old child at school, Holt-Reid reached into the glove compartment of the car and aimed a loaded .45 caliber handgun at girlfriend Yolanda Burgess because she refused to go through with a scheduled abortion. Forced to enter the clinic, she was able to slip a note to an employee and escaped the ordeal physically unscathed.


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