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On Wednesday night, liberal news media pundit Jon Stewart put FOX News on blast for their self-induced Romnesia the entire presidential campaign. Reveling in their incompetence, Stewart enjoyed roasting the questionable news network for their refusal to look at the facts, which invariably bit them in the *ss on election night. Can anyone say, “Sweet Justice”?

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Beginning with a light ribbing of President Barack Obama who looked more relaxed in his acceptance speech because he obviously “never [has] to run for president again,” Stewart took the appropriate time out to acknowledge that Florida, after the governer’s repeated attempts to disenfranchise voters, ended up being a nonmuthaf*kin’ factor in the election:

“Perhaps the best news was in Florida after months of Republican Governor Rick Scott, attempting to suppress democratic voter turnout and the guys fighting voter fraud, attempting to increase voter discomfort by reducing early voting days.”

‘So where’s the good news,’ you say?

The election was decided without them! For once, Florida’s clusterf*ckery is irrelevant!  It’s like hearing, ‘Good news, America, the tumor on your dong is benign!’

Oh, but Stewart was just getting started.

Who’s next?

The dubious FOX News, of course!

Watching FOX News try to deny the President’s taking of Ohio was the crown jewel of Stewart’s newsreel. But to Stewart, the nonsensical network only had themselves to blame, with their intermittent rejection and manipulation of facts for their short-lived gain.

“For the most part, the news networks acquitted themselves nicely with little of the early controversies of years past, except of course BMN, Bullshit Mountain News, whose denizens were caught flat footed by a historic storm — that despite all of the evidence days before — they never saw it coming,” Stewart said.

Practically howling with glee, Stewart showed clip after clip of FOX News guests and anchors saying that presidential challenger Mitt Romney “would win by a landslide.”

But when the results of Ohio rolled in, conservative political adviser Karl Rove tried to explain the facts away, prompting FOX’s news anchor Megyn Kelly to ask him pointedly during the election watch, “Is this just math that you do as a republican to make yourself feel better or is this real?”

Can you imagine? FOX actually sonned itself on national TV?! The world must be going to end soon!

To which Stewart exclaimed,”Yes, this was the historic 2012 election between scientific gobbledigoop or as we call it, ‘arithmetic,’ and belief wasn’t going down without a fight!

Yes, last night tragically there was an avalanche on bullshit mountain!”

Watch Stewart’s delicious take here: