Devin Brown will become the first Black woman to kayak solo down the Mississippi River, which begins at Lake Itasca and extends to the Gulf of Mexico.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A Black woman shown on video being violently assaulted after she called 911 to report her white neighbor is demanding justice via a federal lawsuit.

A Milwaukee white man who was charged with killing Sade Robinson after her body parts were found on a nearby beach has pleaded not guilty.

Allisha Watts, a 39-year-old woman from North Carolina, was last seen on July 16. Authorities say she was going to visit her boyfriend.

William Brock, 81, apparently felt entitled to play cop, judge, jury and executioner.


The lawsuit centers on murder charges against rapper Ludacris' manager Shaka Zulu.


Here are some ways you can pour back into yourself and keep your batteries charged.

Crystal Mason was finally acquitted for voting in 2016 while on supervised release for a federal conviction, which she didn't know made her ineligible to vote.

"The Holdovers" star is the 10th Black woman to win Best Supporting Actress.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Twyla Stallworth reported her white neighbor.

A bystander recorded the police violence.