EMILY's List President Laphonza Butler is set to be the nation's third-ever Black woman U.S. Senator after California Gov. Gavin Newsome selected her to fill Dianne Feinstein's seat.


Healing from racial trauma can help reduce the negative impacts of racism and provide the emotional resources to challenge injustices.

A TikTok video shows a racist Karen at a Dollar General store threatening and making racist comments at a Black employee. Yes, at a Dollar General store.

Tia Mowry opened up about growing up in the spotlight, her role as a mother and why she, as a biracial woman, identifies herself as Black.

Ta'Kiya Young's family is demanding to see the bodycam video.

A preliminary charge of murder was handed down after a month-long investigation.

A recent video reportedly from North Carolina shows a confrontation between a Black woman and her neighbor giving serious Karen vibes.

Iris Perez and Tamara Perez were last seen June 28 heading towards woods near their home in Houghton Lake, Michigan.

Allisha Watts, a 39-year-old woman from North Carolina was last seen on July 16. Authorities say she was going to visit her boyfriend.

The family of Tierra Allen, the Black woman stranded in Dubai has called on Texas lawmakers to help aid in her return back to America.


What happened to Carlee Russell? The 25-year-old Black woman mysteriously went missing after going to check on an unaccompanied toddler walking alongside an Alabama highway.

The woman's alleged offense? Lawfully recording officers detain her husband.