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There are plenty of people angry with President Barack Obama’s reelection, from teen billionaires joking about assassinating him through social media to student riots at Ole Miss to even the 20 states threatening secession over his victory.

Now you can add Arizona resident Holly Solomon (pictured) to that list. The 28-year-old woman was arrested Saturday morning, after allegedly striking her husband with her Jeep because he didn’t vote. Solomon blames Obama’s triumph on his inaction.

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According to a police spokesman, Solomon, who is pregnant, “believed her family was going to have hardship” should Obama win the White House again. Her husband, Daniel Solomon, summed up his wife’s transgressions succinctly to authorities, saying his wife “just hated Obama.” A 911 caller who witnessed the attack claims it started from an argument the couple was having.

“He got out of the car and she was screaming at him,” the witness said, according to “And he started walking away and she started driving in circles around him and she wouldn’t let him go so finally he took off to try to get away and she ran in to him.”

Even though Solomon attempted to hide from his wife behind a light pole, she kept trying to run him down until she succeeded. Police have charged Holly with domestic violence, though no alcohol or drugs are suspected in the case. Daniel Solomon remains in critical condition at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center. His specific injuries remain unknown.

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