Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) announced Wednesday that a grand jury had issued the nine-count indictment against seven top Trump aides and 11 Arizona Republicans who are accused of falsely certifying votes for the ex-president despite President Joe Biden narrowly winning the state.

Jason Whitlock said, "Not everyone has to have a vote" and bemoaned the women's suffrage movement during a Turning Point USA event.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Ben Crump is suing over the in-custody death of Akeem Terrell, who died in Maricopa County jail after being physically restrained similar to George Floyd.

An Arizona judge dismissed eight out of ten allegations made by failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Candidate Randy Kaufman, who swore to protect kids, was busted masturbating near a preschool in the latest instance of Republican hypocrisy.

Introduced earlier this year by a former police officer, HB 2319 prohibits individuals from recording police within eight feet. While the law contained a few exceptions, the ACLU of Arizona and media organizations maintained it was unconstitutional.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill on Wednesday that will it illegal to record law enforcement at close-range. 


Black GOP congressional candidate Jerone Davison's campaign ad depicts him fending off "Democrats in Klan hoods" with an AR-15.

"This lawsuit reflects our deep commitment to using every available tool to protect all Americans' right to vote," Assistant Attorney General Kirsten Clarke said.

Sean Bickings drowned in Tempe Town Lake while police adamantly refused to try to rescue him, according to the officers' own transcripts.

Good News

NFL player Kelvin Beachum, the Arizona Cardinals and Safeway donated 200,000 meals to the United Food Bank in Mesa.

Police Brutality

Tuscon, Arizona, Officer Ryan Remington is set to be fired after fatally shooting 61-year-old disabled man Richard Lee Richards, who was suspected of shoplifting a toolbox and brandishing a knife when he was confronted by a Walmart employee.