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A 34-year-old Texas man was arrested after police claim he shoplifted items at a department store and shouted that he had HIV and threatened to bit store securit , KTRE-TV 9 reports.

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Christopher Lee Carr, of Lufkin, allegedly entered a Sears department store Tuesday when security guards, who were watching via real-time surveillance footage, spotted him stealing six ratchet sets valued at $218.94 each and hiding them in a bag.

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When Carr tried leaving the store without paying for the tools, two security guards confronted him and tried to detain him until the cops arrived, according to a police report. Carr then tried to flee the scene and fighting ensued; he allegedly pushed both officers.

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Here is more from KTRE-TV 9:

The security supervisor told the Lufkin Police officer that she had been in her office when she heard a loud crash caused by Carr knocking over a trash can and rushed to help the security guards.

“While she was trying to subdue the subject, who has a lengthy criminal history for theft, Carr yelled at her that he has AIDS and began barking and trying to bit [the security supervisor],” the report stated.

Eventually, the security supervisor was able to handcuff Carr.

Carr was charged with robbery because several witnesses said he tried to bite one of the security guards. In addition, Carr allegedly put the security guard in imminent fear of bodily injury because of the possibility of bodily fluids being transferred.

KTRE-TV 9 says the police report stated that, “Carr is in fact HIV positive at his own admission.”

Carr is being held in the Angelina County jail. Bail has not been set.