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Kenya Moore (pictured), the controversial co-star of the Bravo hit reality series, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA), reportedly got evicted from her luxurious Atlanta mansion on Tuesday for neglecting to pay the monthly rent of $3,999, according to RadarOnline.

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According to filed Fulton County court documents, Moore was sued for allegedly being short by $848 on her rent. The landlord is also demanding $2,500 in eviction fees and damages as well as June’s rent, but the main complaint was that Moore reportedly defaulted on the terms and conditions of her leasing agreement.

And that’s not all!

According to Moore’s neighbors, the former Miss USA beauty queen, has reportedly been the “neighbor from hell” ever since moving in to the six bedroom, six bath mansion strictly for the filming of the “RHOA” show.

“Owners are concerned that the value of their properties are going down because she has not maintained the landscaping, nor the pool, has even stored furniture outside and her dog is always on the loose.”

Consequently, the unnamed source also said that Moore’s landlord, Conya Weems, has been inundated with complaints from irate neighbors.

“The homeowner is incredibly upset at what is unwanted attention that has been caused as a result of Kenya moving in to the neighborhood,” the source said.

Watch Moore’s “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” video here:

Moore, who is known for her outlandish behavior on “RHOA,” has until June 7th to respond to the Weem’s complaint.

Kenya, you better “twirl, twirl, twirl” right in to that courtroom!”

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