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UPDATE 4:03 AM EST:  The family that killer George Zimmerman helped to rescue was White, reports TMZ.

Lucky for them. If they had been Black, he would have thought they looked suspicious, accused them of stealing the SUV and shot them dead before the police could get there.


Killer George Zimmerman, 29, has allegedly emerged from hiding to rescue a family of four from an overturned SUV, reports ABC News.

This is the first time that Zimmerman has been spotted in public since a jury of his peers — 5 White women and one Hispanic woman of unknown race — decided that he killed unarmed, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self-defense after being brutally beaten, even  though medical examiners and law enforcement testified that his injuries were “minor,” “insignificant,” and “non life-threatening.”

Read more from ABC below:

Zimmerman was one of two men who came to the aid of Dana and Mark Gerstle and their two children, who were trapped inside a blue Ford Explorer SUV that had rolled over after traveling off the highway in Sanford, Fla. at approximately 5:45 p.m. Thursday, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The crash occurred at the intersection of I-4 and route Route 46, police said. The crash site is less than a mile from where Zimmerman shot Martin.

By the time police arrived, two people – including Zimmerman – had already helped the family get out of the overturned car, the sheriff’s office said. No one was reported to be injured.

Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash and left after speaking with the deputy, police said.


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As previously reported by NewsOne, the Department of Justice is investigating whether or not to charge Zimmerman with a hate crime for racially profiling Trayvon Martin on the night of February 26,2012, when he followed and ultimately killed him for walking while Black.

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