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Even scientific evidence can’t convince a racist that his genes, like many people on this planet, are connected to The Motherland.

When Craig Cobb, a White supremacist who has made international headlines for trying to convert a small North Dakota town into a White man’s haven, agreed to take a DNA test for “The Trisha Show” to determine his ethnic origin, he likely did not expect the results to reveal that he is 14 percent African.

“You have a little black in you,” the host Trisha Goddard, a Black woman, said to Cobb.

Though he immediately dismissed the results as “statistical noise,” that didn’t stop the studio audience from responding with laughter and cheers. But Goddard, the good Sistah she is, tried to make him feel more comfortable with his colored side by giving him a fist bump. “So there you go bro,” she said to Cobb. But he recoiled and refused to acknowledge his “homegirl.”

He told the UK’s Daily Mail: I agreed to the test because I assumed it was science.’ Instead, he said, it was a scientifically bankrupt procedure, the product of ‘craven and debased executives,’ whose ‘goal is to shock.

Check out the clip below:

Well, whether Cobb will admit it or not, he most likely was shocked and hid it pretty well behind the disdain he displayed over the results. Oh, and when he was asked how he would take it if a test he respected were to produce the same results, he replied in the most classy, White supremacist way possible: “Well if I did have any n*gger, we don’t want anymore of it.”

As NewsOne previously reported, Cobb is trying to convert the town of Leith, N.D., into a White man’s Kingdom. Cobb, who is a hate crimes fugitive in Canada, has been buying up property in the area in hopes of drawing more like-minded Whites to the town. Leiths only Black resident and his White wife, are already feeling the heat of their new racist neighbors.

Here is more from the Daily Mail:

The town’s only bi-racial couple Sherrill and Bobby Harper have come under particular pressure. Bobby is the only black man in town. A note pinned to the couple’s door recently read: ‘What are you doing “married” to a Negro?’ and demanded Sherill leave her husband and ‘join Mr Cobb’s movement.’

Two weeks ago Mr Cobb confronted the Harpers on The Trisha Show, demeaning their relationship with the words: ‘She has her pet you see.’

Speaking to MailOnline Mr Harper was philosophical and dignified. He said he was ‘better’ than Cobb but expressed his belief that the situation was ‘going to get worse.’

In an interview with MailOnline Mr Cobb referred to African Americans as ‘jungle bunnies’ and ‘Orks’ and said that black people were: ‘Strolling biological early warning devices. They look bad, they sound bad and often times they smell bad.’

In what he referred to as a ‘better world where we are in charge,’ he said that all black immigrants to America would be instructed on arrival: ‘If you try to have sex with our white handmaidens we will hang you.’

He used profoundly offensive racist and misogynistic language saying he was ‘very proud’ to do so as he regarded the terms as ‘holy words’ enshrined in the ‘White

Man’s Bible,’ in which, as a Creator, he believes.

In a recent town meeting Cobb singled out Leith town councilman Lee Cook, 49, the founder of the town’s Legal Defense Fund established to pay for their fight against Cobb.

Though local authorities do not want Cobb or his followers in town, they admit there is little they can do legally to keep them out.

Cobb supporters Kynan and Deborah Dutton moved to Leith from Oregon with their five children in September. Dutton, a Marine Corps veteran who served in the Iraq war in 2004 and 2005, calls himself Cobb’s Sergeant in Arms. He hangs the flags of the Third Reich and The National Socialist Movement in front of Cobb’s home each day, but takes them in at night because, he said, “The native Americans are notorious for coming and stealing them.”

Because the town is so small, Cobb says he is sure he will take the town over with his own supports very soon. He told The Daily Mail that another family is on its way and has even threatened to bring Aryan Nation members to the town and ex-convicts who have “been in federal prison for 20 years.”

“We will become the majority, there is no doubt,” he told the Daily Mail. “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for Leith.”